3 major differences between the Catholic and Protestant doctrine

In America, there are as many numbers of Protestants as there are Catholics. Both groups believe in Jesus, but there are some differences in their beliefs. Here are the major differences between the Catholic and the Protestant doctrine.


The Protestants don’t view tradition in the same way written in Scriptures. The Roman Catholic Church has a different opinion regarding this. The Protestants view the Scriptures as authoritative. The Catholics believe that both the tradition and the scriptures must be accepted.

 Priesthood of all believers

The Protestants see the church as a horizontal structure. The Catholics, on the other hand, sees the church as a vertical structure. The Protestants believe that they can confess their sins to one another; whereas, the Catholics believe that they need to confess their sins to a Priest.

Veneration of the Saints and the Virgin Mary

The Roman Catholics believe that veneration is praying through the Saints and Virgin Mary; not praying to them. This is like asking your brother to pray for you. Virgin Mary is seen as the mother of God. She is also known as the Queen of Heaven. According to the Protestants, Virgin Mary has a less prominent position. The Protestants believe in praying to God directly and not through anybody.

Sometimes people light a candle as a way for their prayers to reach God, while others may do more symbolic actions like naming a star. (learn how to buy a star here)

The Catholics and the Protestants agree on many aspects of Christianity, yet there are some major differences in their faith. They differ on various key issues. You need to read lots of books in order to know more about the differences.